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Beijing Trip Advisor Qinglongxia Gorge, Hongluosi Temple and Yanqihu lake One Day Tour
Qinglongxia Gorge, Hongluosi Temple and Yanqihu lake One Day Tour

Qinglongxia Gorge, Hongluosi Temple and Yanqihu lake One Day Tour Item NO: 118932

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  • See all three representative sites in Huairou District of Beijing.The Qinglong Gorge,the Hongluo Temple and Yanqi Lake in one day trip,to see the gorge,the temple and the lake on a one day tour.
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Product Name Qinglongxia Gorge, Hongluosi Temple and Yanqihu lake One Day Tour
Item NO 118932
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1.Qinglong Gorge

Qinglong Gorge, literally the Green Dragon Gorge, stretches five kilometers (three miles) in Huaibei Town, Huairou District,  75 kilometers (47 miles) northeast of Beijing. According to a local legend, Qinglong Gorge got its name from the Qinglong (Green Dragon) Pool where there was a docile and lovely green dragon in ancient time. Since the establishment of Dashuiyu Reservoir there in 1972, the gorge has become a more and more popular destination. With pleasant temperate climate, delightful cool in summer, breathtaking natural scenery, well-equipped entertainment facilities, and especially the Great Wall relics on the surrounding mountains, Qinglong Gorge is now a stunning site for people who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

The whole scenic area is divided into four parts by the huge dam in the center. To the south is the shoal area; to the north is the large Longxia Lake; to the west is Mt. Qinglong with a cableway; to the east is the amusement playground.

Shoal Area in the South
After entering Qinglong Gorge, visitors can walk or take the sightseeing car to the southern shoal waters. With the depth of the water averaging one meter (3.3 feet), it is the best summer resort for rowing a boat or drifting on a bamboo raft. Other aquatic entertainments like bumper boats are also available.

When you arrive at the dam, you will see a smooth stone wall in the east. It is the spillway. Every July and August, the water rises with abundant summer rainfall, and forms a spectacular waterfall with a width of  12 meters (40 feet) and a height of 50 meters (165 feet). The overflowing water roars down like a white rolling dragon dancing in the mist.
Longxia Lake in the North
The big reservoir to the north of the dam is Longxia Lake, the major water touring area. Covering 70 hectares (172 acres) and with a depth of 50 meters, the lake features picturesque scenery. Touring on a ship or a speed boat in a pleasant breeze, there are plenty of wonderful sites along your route, including the Fairyland in Mist, Golden Toad Watching the Moon, Stone with Six Aspects, and Immortal on the Turtle. At the end of the lake, there will be an outdoor swimming pool opening in summer, with an artificial beach.
Mt. Qinglong in the West
Mt. Qinglong in the west is a must site for climbers. Standing on a higher point, you will find the mountain range is just like a winding green dragon. The Dashuiyu Pass of the Great Wall extends along the ridges. This section of the Great Wall was built from 1403 to 1424 during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Connecting with Simatai Great Wall and Jiangjunguan Pass in the east, and Juyongguan Pass and Badaling Great Wall in the west, Dashuiyu Pass was a fortress with strategic position in ancient time. Now many watchtowers are well preserved among the relics. Two sides of the wall show distinct sights - the beautiful landscape of rivers and plains in the south and grand mountains in the north are all in full view.

In the mountains, there is a verdant Green Dragon Valley with the Flying Dragon Waterfall. Silver-white water spills down from a height of over  10 meters (33 feet). This spectacular scene together with powerful sound of the running water makes such a striking natural wonder. What’s more, there are many crystal springs and ponds nearby. Visitors can refresh themselves and go very close to touch the water.

The highest peak of Mt. Qinglong is Yuhuang Peak. Climb up the Great Wall, and pass a great number of interesting sites like the Couple Pines, Mother-and Baby Pine, Qianlong Cave, and Thread of Sky, you will reach the top of the mountain. Standing on Yuhuang Peak with an elevation of 530 meters (1,740 feet), visitors can get a bird's eye view of the vast Miyun Reservoir, Mutianyu Great Wall, and even a vague outline of Beijing City. There is a cableway from the foot of Mt. Qinglong to Yuhuang Peak, which takes just twenty minutes for a round trip.

Amusement Playground in the East
The rich amusement facilities in the east playground offer visitors a lot of fun. Some exciting and challenging activities, such as bungee jumping with a height of 70 meters (230 feet) above the water, the  25-meter (82-foot) rock climbing wall, and the prompt drop with a fall of  28 meters (92 feet) are good choices.

After a full day of sightseeing, you can have meals in restaurants near the recreational shoal area to the south of the dam. If you are not rushing to leave, the 7D cinema is also a good relaxation. 


2.Hongluo Temple (Red Shells Temple)

Hongluo TempleSituated in the north of Huairou District, Hongluo Temple is 34 miles (about 55 kilometers) from downtown Beijing. It was originally constructed in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317 - 420) and expanded in the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). Covering 1,980 acres (800 ha), the one-thousand-year old temple faces Hongluo Hill in the north and Hongluo Pool in the south. The good location and climate, as well as profound cultural achievements, make it an extraordinary Buddhist holy land. About the Buddhist temples in China, people say: “In the south, Putuo Temple is primarily recommended, while in the north, Hongluo Temple is especially valued.”

There are superb views of the Imperial Bamboo Forest, Duo Ginkgoes and Wonder of Wisterias Wreathing Pine, which are the representatives of the natural landscapes. Hongluo Temple, Guanyin Boddhisattva Temple and 500 Arhat Statues constitute three Buddhist culture areas. Additionally, Hongluo Hill and Green Dragon Hill are two beautiful sightseeing areas. 

Hongluo Temple
There are four Buddhist halls standing on the north-south axis. They are Three Gate Hall (Mountain Gate), the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Mahavira Hall and Three Sages Hall.

Passing the Three Gate Hall, you can see the Hall of Heavenly Kings. Statues of four heavenly kings are displayed inside it. They are endowed with sacred obligations to bless people to have a full harvest. In the center of the hall is the statue of Maitreya, a fat Buddha. He is known as the laughing Buddha and he tells people about the importance of tolerance.

After visiting the Hall of Heavenly Kings, you are in a yard, where there are another four Buddhist halls. The Hall of Thousand Arms Goddess and Jialan Hall lie in the east, and Damo Hall and Hall of the Founder of Pure Land School (a branch of Buddhism) are in the west. It is right in this yard that the superb scenery Duo Ginkgoes has been standing for over one thousand years. The 100 feet (about 30 meters) high ginkgoes stand like a couple, so they are also called Couple Ginkgoes. As old saying claims that it is impossible for only one tree to constitute a forest, however, the male ginkgo grows out upward limbs from its own roots. The local people say that in ancient times, a new limb would sprout when a new dynasty was coming into being.

Mahavira Hall stands behind the two ginkgoes. The statues of Sakyamuni, Medicine Master Buddha and Amitabha lie in the hall. The statues of eighteen arhats are on both sides. Sakyamuni used to be a prince of ancient India. Considering the death, disease and hardship in the earthly existence, he felt sympathetic to people. At age 29, he started to cultivate himself by learning the Buddhism ideology. Finally he became a Buddha and helped a lot of people. Medicine Master Buddha endeavored to relieve the diseases and sufferings of people during his lifetime. It's said that the pure water in his hand could help people from their sufferings. As is recorded in the sutra, the eighteen arhats live for developing Buddhism. They are told to help people in their earthly existence and give up the opportunity to live in a Buddhist paradise. 

After appreciating Mahavira Hall, you can view another superb scenery: the Wonder of Wisterias Wreathing Pine out of the hall. A pine is wreathed by two Wisterias. The 20 feet (about 6 meters) high pine has nine limbs which spread in all directions. The two luxuriant wisterias twist around the overall pine, forming a large scale of shade.

The Three Sages Hall comes into sight as you marvel at the wonder of wisterias and pine. In the hall, there are three statues of three Buddhism sages including, Amitabha, Guanyin Boddhisattva and Wisdom Illuminating Boddhisattva. Amitabha was a king who gave up his throne and pursued the essence of the world. At last, he got to the heavenly pure land, where he directed and led people to learn the Buddhism ideology. Guanyin Boddhisattva is the symbolization of great kindness. Claiming everyone is equal at birth, she lived to help people from hardships. Wisdom Illuminating Boddhisattva is a major guardian of Amitabha. He illustrates the world with his endless wisdom, aiming to save anyone in need.

Guanyin Bodhisattva Temple
First built in the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), the existing one was reconstructed in 1997. Facing south, there are three halls in it. They are Mountain Gate Hall, Hall of Baby-sending Guanyin Bodhisattva and Huicheng Hall. Baby-sending Guanyin Bodhisattva is actually an imaginary Buddha by ancient people who wanted babies. It is said that Guanyin Bodhisattva has 33 body symbolizations, among which Baby-sending Guanyin does not exist. It merely shows people's hopes to get babies.
500 Arhat Statues
The 500 Arhat Statues are located in an ancient pine forest inside Hongluo Temple. They are made to the proportion of human beings. Surrounding a statue of the laughing Buddha, the 500 statues are divided into 10 groups. The expressions on their faces are all different. They reflect a mysterious cultural atmosphere, together with the elegant pine forest.

Tip: If you happen to visit the temple during January 1st to 6th in the Chinese lunar calendar, the temple fair cannot be missed.

3.Yanqi Lake

Yanqi Lake, located at the foot of the Yanshan Mountains, Huairou District, northeast suburb of Beijing, is about 60 kilometers (37 miles) from the city center. Open to the public since 1987, this lake features wonderful natural waterscape and colorful aquatic amusement facilities. It is gaining popularity among the locals and tourists.

Yanqi Lake is split into the east and west lakes. With the water surface area of 230 hectares (275,000 square yards), it has more than 20 kilometers (12 miles) of shoreline.

Mountains Surrounding Yanqi Lake
Embraced by rolling mountains from three sides - Jundu Mountain in the north, Hongluo Mountain in the west, and Jindeng Mountain to the east, the Yanqi Lake is just like an emerald inlaid in the verdant valley. The Hefangkou Great Wall winds up and down on the northern ridges. Its advantageous location and the perennial vegetation coverage of up to 90% endow the whole scenic area with mild and moist climate, as well as pleasant scenery. The limpid and blue lake with lush aquatic plants creates a favorable eco-environment, attracting flocks of birds like wild geese, swans and cranes in spring and autumn; thus giving rise to its name Yanqi (literally meaning the wild geese’ habitat).

The waterfront scenic area is to the northwest of the entrance of Yanqi Lake. It leads to the water surface. Hundreds of willows and poplar trees decorate the lakeside, providing a good shade to stroll around it. There’s also the Lakeview Pavilion where visitors can appreciate the beauty of the lake and at the same time, enjoy the peace and quietness as the sun sets.

For visitors who prefer mountain climbing, there is a mountain sightseeing area to the southwest of the waterfront scenic spot. In spring and summer, dense vegetation turns this area into a paradise. In autumn, the color of vegetation turns into flaming red. Visitors can see that the Hefangkou Great Wall appears indistinctly in the surrounded mountains. Green ripples, abundant flowers and fertile grasslands provide a favorable place for sketching. Moreover, plants and insects create advantageous conditions for collecting specimens.

Amusements in Yanqi Lake
There are two main entertainment areas to keep visitors busy and enjoy themselves. One is located to the west of the entrance that provides water-theme activities, such as speedboats, dragon boats, etc. The other area is located to the northwest of the entrance that provides some kind of adventurous and exciting amusements, such as water skiing, flume ride, rock climbing and bungee jumping.

Other supporting facilities can be found at the west part of the lake. There is the international conference center on the western bank and it is the venue for the APEC 2014 meeting. The restaurants of Yanqi Lake provide various Chinese cuisines, hot pot and barbecue. 

 Opening Time: 08:00-17:30

 Admission Fee: CNY 45/ Person   (The following entertainment activities are not included.)

Items Ticket Fare Items Ticket Fare Items Ticket Fare
Sightseeing By Boat CNY80/Person Sky Adventures CNY40/Person Battery Boat for Six People CNY120/Hour
Bumper Car CNY25/Person 9D Cinema CNY40/Person Rubber Duck Battery Boat CNY150/Hour
Sliding Sown the Lake CNY50/Person Surfing CNY30/Person Classic Boat for Six People CNY160/Hour
Sky Ring Car CNY35/Person Speedboat CNY50/Person Excavator CNY15/Person
Corsair CNY35/Person Self-drive Speedboat CNY180/Lap Merry Go Round CNY15/Person
Forge ahead against  swift current CNY45/Person Peddle Boat for Four People CNY80/Hour Walleye Fish Plane CNY15/Person
Sports Car Entertainment CNY30/ Two Laps Peddle Boat for Five People CNY100/Hour Cartoon Train CNY20/Person
Kangaroo Jump CNY20/Person Battery Boat for Four People CNY100/Hour Moving Chair CNY30/Person

What's Included
Domestic transportation as detailed in the itinerary
Private English-speaking guide 
Experienced Chinese-speaking driver and quality, air-conditioned vehicle
Admission tickets to all sights listed on the itinerary – no hidden costs
Free bottled water supplied in your vehicle
Meals as specified in quality local restaurants

What's Not Included
International flights to and from China
International travel insurance (you should purchase your own policy in your home country)
Accommodation - if you want us to book hotels for you, please let your advisor know either via email: 1935990176@QQcom or add customized requirement while you purchase our tours.

Tips for your guide and driver
Other personal expenses


This tour price is for two persons,and the one day tour price is for 8 hours a day, every 2 hours extra will be charged 30 US dollars per person.

Meals may change based on the time and location. You can also ask your guide to change your meals. We will try our best to help you enjoy a variety of Chinese food.

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