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Beijing Trip Advisor Beijing Airport to Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs
Beijing Airport to Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs

Beijing Airport to Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs Item NO: 689124

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Customized Requirements
  • Tour Type: Exclusive Private Tour
  • Vehicle: Your Exclusive Vehicle
  • Operates: Daily
  • Airport Layover Time: 8-10 Hours
  • Departs: Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Returns: Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Tour Code: BTA-LT07
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Product Name Beijing Airport to Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs
Item NO 689124
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Tour Overview:
Tour Type: Exclusive Private Tour
Vehicle: Your Exclusive Vehicle
Operates: Daily
Airport Layover Time: 8-10 Hours
Departs: Beijing Capital International Airport
Returns: Beijing Capital International Airport
Tour Code: BTA-LT07

Tour Highlights:
Mutianyu Great Wall

Changling of 13 Ming Tombs

Buying this tour 15 days in advance will have one or more free gift(s) from 1 to 10  US Dollars range travel products,the more clients who join the tour will get more gifts.Please click the image above and choose your gift(s) now. 

Tour Description:

Met by our English-speaking tour guide at Beijing Capital Airport, you will head directly to Mutianyu Great Wall with your exclusive vehicle. Normally the scenic drive takes about one and half hours, which may change a bit with a specific traffic volume. 

Mutianyu Great Wall is located in Huairou district, about 80 km north of downtown Beijing. Mutianyu Great Wall is less crowded than Badaling Great Wall with picturesque views. Mutianyu Great Wall once worked as the northern barrier defending the capital and the imperial tombs. It is a green section of the great wall in Beijing with vegetation, green pines and cypresses covering 90 per cent of the section. 

There are 23 watchtowers on the Mutianyu Great Wall snaking the ridge for about 3000 meters. The watch towers at the Mutianyu Great Wall are distributed at short intervals. The 23 watch towers are numbered from right (east) to left (west). The 23rd tower is highest point of the Mutianyu Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall Travel Tips

Three Ways to Go up to Mutianyu Great Wall
There are three ways to get onto the Wall. Apart from hiking up on foot, you can choose take cable car or chair lift(Optional).
To get down the wall, you can also take Toboggan slide down(Optional).

When you get off the ferry shuttle bus going from the shuttle bus terminal near the ticketing office, you still need to walk along an accessible stone path (600 meters long ) leading up first to the starting point for chairlift ( or toboggan down ), second to the walking path up to the Wall and last to the starting point for cable car up to the Wall respectively.

So the mostly used Cable Car Station is at the end of the 600-meter stone slope. That said, there are three ways to go up to Mutianyu Great Wall.

1) Taking chairlift to the Great Wall - to the 6th Watchtower ( or where you can take a toboggan down)
2) Walking up the Great Wall along the stone steps (like a mountain hike - 30 minute hike) - to the 10th or 8th Watchtower
3) Taking cable car up to the Great Wall - to the 14th Watchtower

The Most Beautiful Part of Mutianyu Great Wall
The hike from Watchtower No. 14 east up to Watchtower 23 is the most scenic part of Mutianyu Great Wall. Many people would choose to take cable up to Watchtower No.14 and hike east to Watchtower No.23. You may retrace to Watch Tower No.14 and take cable car down the wall, or continue to hike down to Watch Tower No.8 and walk down the wall; or you may continue to hike down to Watch Tower No.6, then either take chairlift down or toboggan down.

Price Information
Cable Car: 100 yuan(single way); 120 yuan (return)
Chairlift or Slide (Toboggan): 100 yuan (single way)
Chairlift + Slide (Toboggan): 120 yuan (return)

Opening Hours:
April to October: 8:00 -17:00
November to March: 8:30-16:30

Then drive to Beijing Panda House (40 minutes sightseeing) which is located in Beijing Zoo southwest of Beijing. There you can see the lovely Giant Pandas. The Beijing Panda House is composed of two parts, namely the Asian Games Panda House and Beijing Olympic Games Panda House.

Head to the Shichahai Area ( 1 hours sightseeing) - the old part of Beijing and visit a century-od old courtyard and learn about its history, layout, Fengshui, and its traditional Chinese culture involved. Then take a pedicab and drive through the zigzag and narrow alleys or hutongs. Two people share one rickshaw. Drop off the pedicab at the Silver Ingot Bridge( Yinding Bridge ) and walk along the 800-year old Yandai Xiejie ( Tobacco Pipe Lean Street ).

After the layover tour, return to Beijing Capital Airport for your next destination.

Ming Tombs

50 kilometers (31 miles) northwest from Beijing City, at the foot of Tianshou Mountain, is the Ming Tombs Scenic Area, aka Thirteen Tombs of Ming Dynasty, where lie the mausoleums of thirteen emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). Since 1409 when Zhu Di, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, built his Changling Tomb here, the succeeding twelve emperors had their resting places built around Changling during the next 230 years, covering a total area of over 120 square kilometers (46.3 square miles). This is the best preserved mausoleum area with the most emperors buried. Every year millions of tourists come to the site to appreciate its long history and palatial architecture.

Changling Tomb
Fifty kilometers (31 miles) away from Beijing lies Changling Tomb, the tomb of the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Zhu Di and Empress Xu. Among the 16 emperors of the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Zhu Di (1360-1424), also honored as Emperor Yongle, made the greatest contribution to the country and had the most far-reaching impact on history. During his time, the Ming Dynasty reached its peak. In 1409, Emperor Zhu Di built Changling Tomb. He was the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty to build a tomb. After that another 12 tombs were built. Changling Tomb is the largest and the most completely preserved of these tombs. Because of its grand ancient architecture, brilliant culture and long history, the site is one of the most significant attractions in Beijing.

This Changling Tomb scenic spot covers about 120,000 square meters (30 acres). Its layout is square in the front and round in the back.

The square portion is divided into three connecting courtyards.

Approaching the Changling Tomb, you will first see the tomb's gate. It is an Alhambresque gate, the rafters and arch of which are all made of colored glaze. There are three small red doors under the gate. In the courtyard stands a perfectly preserved stele pavilion.

Passing through the first courtyard, you enter the second courtyard in Changling Tomb. It is the most attractive area of the tomb, worthy of careful appreciation. The gate to the second courtyard is named Blessing and Grace Gate (Ling’en Gate), which is 31 meters (102 feet) wide, 14 meters (46 feet) deep and 15 meters (50 feet) high. At the corners of the steps and under the railings are dragon-head-shaped stone drainages. The stone carvings on the stone road between steps are magnificent and majestic. The lower part of the carved picture is a surging sea, in which mountains stand and two sea horses are leaping out; in the upper part, two vigorous dragons are flying up and down, chasing fire beads.

Tour Notes:
This tour is designed for your own traveling party and no other tourists will join you. So you have much flexibility and freedom. If you have any questions, or want more time for taking photos, just feel free to let your tour guide know. With your personal tour guide, you will have more interaction with the locals which will enrich your travel experience in Beijing. It is a non-shopping private tour and no Hidden Fee!

You should give yourself a reasonable amount of time to exit the airport and go through customs, which usually take you more than an hour. You also figure out the enough time to return to the airport and go through security again. Basically you are required to be back to the airport 2-3 hours | prior to your departing flight.

Our tour guide will meet you at the airport, holding a sign with your name. When you walk out from the baggage claim area, just look around for the sign to meet our tour guide. 

You will have the narratives of local history and culture by your tour guide while you are comfortably sitting in the air-conditioned vehicle of your exclusive use and enjoying the views passing by.

All tours & transfers are all based in English Speaking local guides. For other languages, please contact Beijing trip advisor for new quotations.

What's Included
Domestic transportation as detailed in the itinerary
Private English-speaking guide 
Experienced Chinese-speaking driver and quality, air-conditioned vehicle
Admission tickets to all sights listed on the itinerary – no hidden costs
Free bottled water supplied in your vehicle
Meals as specified in quality local restaurants
Free gift(s) from 1 to 10 US Dollars if you shop the tour 15 days in advance.

What's Not Included
International flights to and from China
International travel insurance (you should purchase your own policy in your home country)
Accommodation - if you want us to book hotels for you, please let your advisor know either via email: 1935990176@QQcom or add customized requirement while you purchase our tours.

Chairlift or cable car ticket(s)
Tips for your guide and driver
Other personal expenses

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