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none Daijiachazi Dandong fermented corn noodles
Daijiachazi Dandong fermented corn noodles

Daijiachazi Dandong fermented corn noodles Item NO: 77719

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  • Daijiachazi fermented corn noodles introduction:
  • Chazi is the Chinese name for fermented corn noodles only in Dandong area,which belongs to refined food from coarse grain.
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Product Name Daijiachazi Dandong fermented corn noodles
Item NO 77719
Weight 0.4000 Kg
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Tag fermented corn noodles
Creation time 2018-01-09


Introduction of Daijia corn noodles series food:

The corn noodles only produced in Dandong,which belongs to a kind of delicacy that is made out of coarse grain.The processing technique is fermenting the corns for 15 to 20 days after peeling off the maize,grinding to flours and squeezing into noodles,cooking with seasonings ,flavors via recipes like sour noodle soup (suantangzi) ,pouring soy sources, sesame butter,stir fried or deep fried etc.

Daijia corn noodles now has used modern machinery equipment to produce the noodles on a large scale ,adopting vacuum packaging with natural condiments,and the noodle does not add any additives like preservatives,food coloring and flavoring agent and so on.You can open it and eat it instantly.

The company now have produced such series of spinach noodles,celery noodles,tomato noodles,carrot noodles.

Corn is recognized worldwide as natural green food,which has functions of preventing ,anti cancer,beautifying,lowering blood pressure,and helping digestion etc.In recent years ''Daijia Corn Noodles" has been proven and well commented by traveling foodies from home and abroad in various kinds of delicacy contests. Meanwhile the company also attracted many big medium reports from overseas,central government of China and provinces.

Each one is 3.9 US Dollars,and you you shop any of our tour ,we can give you as a gift,but you need to book our tour at least 10 days in advance.

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